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Uses Imperial Measures.
Pounds, Tons, Feet, Yards, Pints
And 94 lb cement bags = 1 cu foot.
Common concrete mixers turn out one or two cubic feet of concrete.  And one or two cubic feet is a handy barrow load:  One, easily managed,  Two is quite heavy.  (about 300lb, 136kg)   A 'professional'  builder's wheelbarrow may well be 6 cubic feet (180 Litres).  You'd have a hard time moving that amount of concrete .
Be aware that cement out of the bag will expand to occupy more space.  So to get the same weight you'll  need to measure more volume into your mix. You may need to increase the measured volume by as much as one third.  
Note: reo mesh/plastic sheet prices/areas are only valid when the concrete is considered as a slab with one layer of mesh.
   Height: (Feet)


Cement Price/94 lb Bag
Breadth: (Feet)


Sand Price/Ton (2000lb)
Width: (Feet)

Aggregate Price/Ton (2000lb)
 Reinforcing Mesh Price / Square Yard
 Plastic Sheet Price / Square Yard

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A basic check is to input the values for 1 cubic metre of concrete.  Don't forget to alter costs to suit local conditions.